Kindness is not defined by lofty stories. It exists all around us and needs to be celebrated every moment of life because #kindnessmatters every day. We are celebrating K3; Kindness to yourself, Kindness to others and Kindness to nature.


CircleHood is joining forces with UNESCO, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) in working towards Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 and supporting the #kindnessmatters global campaign to promote the culture of kindness all around the world.

Mother and Daughter Love
Volunteers Packing Food
Building Houses
Volunteers Packing Food

WE are aiming to collect 1 million stories of kindness in support of the creation of UNESCO International Day of Kindness. The absolute best stories and most inspirational stories will be featured on the UNESCO Kindness Stories and Kindness Globe.

Will you help us to make the world a kinder place?


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