Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions under which Circle Hood Technologies Ltd (CHTL) via CircleHood App provide access to and allows its users to browse, list Items, transact and communicate with other users. Therefore, all users should carefully read this document in its entirety (including any other documents mentioned in this text) before using the CircleHood App as it applies to their use of the CircleHood App and affects their rights and liabilities.


Users will be agreeing to the CHTL’s Terms and Conditions as soon as they create an account, regardless of whether or not they complete any transactions or post any information through the CircleHood App. If a user does not want to be bound by these terms and conditions, they should not register, access, transact (list and/or buy items) or post any other information using CircleHood App. 


CHTL operates CircleHood App and is not a party to any transaction taking place on CircleHood App. 


If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download, access and use the CircleHood App.


I. General Provisions

§ 1.   Definitions


This document



Circle Hood Technologies Ltd (CHTL) or “We” or “Us” or “Our” means Circle Hood Technologies LTD, with its registered office at First Floor, 81-85 High Street, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4RR, United Kingdom, is registered in England and Wales (company number: 12279244; VAT number: 336 5734 85).



Operated by CHTL, CircleHood App or CircleHood is an application-only social (e-commerce) platform of an open character available via Google Play and the App Store pursuant to the User Agreement.



Procedure of setting up an Account



An individual who has received access to services provided on CircleHood by CHTL pursuant to the User Agreement.



An entity (i.e. sole trader, limited company, limited liability partnership or any other entity recognised by the UK tax authorities as a business) that has received access to services provided on CircleHood by CHTL for the purposes of selling items via the platform directly to consumers pursuant to the User Agreement.



An individual who has received “Browsing Only” access to CircleHood by downloading and launching the app.



A non-User individual.



A collection of resources managed by CHTL for a User under a unique name (login), where the User’s data and information concerning the User’s activity on CircleHood are collected.



A User who takes actions to sell or who sells Items as part of a Listing.



A User who takes actions to purchase or who purchases Items on CircleHood.



Goods that are the subject of a Listing



A proposal to conclude a contract of sale for an Item under the terms provided for by its Seller using the functionalities available on CircleHood. A Listing shall contain a title, description, price, delivery and payment method and the key characteristics of the offered Item such as size, gender, brand and condition.



An Item that is viewed and/or liked by many Users.



Procedures for entering into and performing contracts of sale for or swap Items between Users on CircleHood.



Buy, sell, swap and communicate either privately or publicly with other Users on CircleHood.



SwapPoints, Swap or Points refer to CircleHood’s means of settlement where the Buyer does not wish to own the Item but rather use it for a period of time and then exchange it back to Points until another suitable Item becomes available.



A conversation through CircleHood between a Seller and a Buyer regarding the accuracy of a Listing and/or the correct implementation of a Transaction.



A Discussion that concludes without an agreement between a Buyer and a Seller resulting in one or both parties escalating the matter to CHTL.


Personal data or Data means all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person such as full name, username, date of birth, address or email address.



The Social Module refers to two functionalities/services provided by CircleHood. These include the wall and the events page where Users can share experiences, interests and inform other Users of what’s happening in their area.


§ 2.   Participating in CircleHood

2.1.  Using Services on CircleHood

  1. The Services available on CircleHood are not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

  2. Business Users (including non- and not-for profit organisations) are not supported and not allowed.

  3. Eligible Users (18+ years’ old individuals) need to register by completing the registration form available in CircleHood.

  4. After completing the Registration form, a message shall be sent to the e-mail address provided therein, indicating the manner in which Registration should be confirmed and other information as required by law. Upon confirmation of the registration, the registered User and CHTL enter into an agreement concerning the provision of Services by CHTL on CircleHood under the conditions set forth in the User Agreement.

  5. To be able to sell and settle payments through CircleHood, Users will be required to create an account on MANGOPAY via CircleHood and accept MANGOPAY Terms and Conditions End User Terms and Conditions and MANGOPAY Privacy Policy (see Appendix 8 hereto).

  6. Users cannot transact on CircleHood without completing their registration and opening an Account. Upon the purchase of an Item, a User enters into an agreement concerning the provision of services by CHTL on CircleHood under the conditions set forth in the User Agreement.

  7. Users are required to comply with this User Agreement in its entirety.

2.2.  User Account

  1. During both registration and later use of CircleHood, a User is obliged to provide some personal data and also submit, where requested, truthful statements (e.g., when opening a MANGOPAY account).

  2. A User may upload a photo with their image via CircleHood. When a User logs into CircleHood via Facebook, their personal data and image (if it was made available to that website’s host) will be disclosed to CHTL and may be used in accordance with CHTL’s User Agreement within CircleHood and may be automatically adjusted to meet CircleHood’s technical requirements. In the aforementioned cases, the photo will be assigned to the User’s Account, provided that it meets the following requirements:

  • Minimum size of 64 x 64 pixels (either .jpeg, .jpg or .png file type)

  • Does not contain any illegal or offensive contents, in particular vulgar, obscene, erotic or pornographic content or content inciting hatred or racist or xenophobic behaviour is permitted. 

  • The photo does not violate any third-party rights.

  1. A User may update their data via the settings function available after logging in to the Account.

  2. A User shall gain access to their Account on CircleHood after entering their e-mail address and password (Logging in). Logging in to CircleHood via an automated solutions service (i.e. password storage services such as LastPass) shall be at the risk of a User using such software.

  3. You must notify us in writing dpo@circlehood.co.uk if you believe your account has been compromised.

  4. A User may request for their account to be deleted by following the steps described in section 13.b.

2.3.  Payment Services

  1. CHTL has integrated MANGOPAY, a third-party service provider, to process all payments and to store the User’s credit or debit card details. By using CircleHood payment services, you agree with MANGOPAY Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  2. CHTL shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of such third party. You shall be solely responsible for the transmission of information connected to your credit or debit card, and CHTL hereby exclude all liability to the extent permitted by law.

  3. Deletion of a CircleHood account does not mean a deletion of the User Account with MANGOPAY. Users should contact MANGOPAY directly should they wish to terminate their agreement with MANGOPAY.

2.4.  Prohibited Account Usage

  1. Transfer an account to another User or Person.

  2. Register multiple Accounts for or linked to the same User.

  3. Communicate with a Seller from multiple accounts in an attempt to achieve favourable terms.

  4. Enter into an Item sale agreement in the case of one’s own Listings or Listings of close relatives or persons living with a User in the same household or other entities with which a Buyer is in relations resulting in a well-grounded belief that parties are acting in agreement with the aim of affecting the result of a given Transaction in violation of the law or good practice.

  5. Complete another registration in order to avoid the payment of amounts due to CHTL for services provided on CircleHood.

  6. Use other Users’ Accounts or make their own Account available to other persons. Furthermore, it is prohibited to be a Business User and act as a User.

  7. Should a User share login details with another User or person (i.e. not a User), both parties shall be jointly and severally liable for the acts performed on this Account.

  8. Break any laws, whether local or international.

2.5.  The Role of CHTL

  1. If a User’s Account or activities on CircleHood require additional verification of the data referred to in Sections 2.1., 2.2 or 2.3, or if CHTL has reasonable concerns about the security of an Account or a given Transaction, concerning in particular the unauthorised takeover and/or use of an Account by a different User, CHTL may restrict access to CircleHood and its Services without warning until all concerns are resolved.

2.6.  Liability

  1. Users are liable for their own actions on CircleHood.

  2. Users are liable for any information they upload to CircleHood including but not limited to photos, listings and messages.

  3. As per Section 16, CHTL shall not be held liable for:

  • Users’ conduct on CircleHood. 

  • Users’ undue performance or failure to perform Transaction-related agreements.

  • The consequences of actions performed by Users that violate the provisions in this User Agreements.

  • The quality, safety and legality of Items sold in Listings.

  • Sellers’ capacity to sell.

  • Buyers’ solvency.

  • The veracity and accuracy of data and other contents provided/submitted by Users within CircleHood. 

  • User violating third-party rights either directly or indirectly (i.e., if CHTL was to reuse information provided by the User)

  • Any other clause mentioned in Section 16.

II. Transactions

§ 3.   Listings

3.1.  Ownership

  1. A Seller has to own an Item they wish to list and sell.

3.2.  Seller’s Liability

  1. A Seller shall be fully liable for the content of their Listing, as well as for any mistakes or inaccuracies therein.

3.3.  A Listing is a Sale Agreement

  1. Listing an Item means that a Seller is authorised, capable and intends to conclude and fulfil an agreement with a Buyer.

  2. A Seller may make available to Buyers the following procedures for entering into a sale agreement:

  • Buy It Now – where a Seller offers to sell the Item at a pre-determined price. This Listing may include one or more pieces of the Item (i.e. bundle); if a transaction takes place, payments will be handled via MANGOPAY, the underlying payment service used in CircleHood.

  • Payment on Collection – identical to ‘Buy it Now’ except that the transaction settles off-platform.

  • Swap – where a Seller is willing to accept CircleHood’s Swap Points.

  1. Sale agreements exclude classifieds.

3.4.  Creating a Listing

  1. Detailed principles of creating a Listing, including its description, uploading photos and using additional options concerning its presentation and promotion, are set forth in Section 21 Appendix 1 hereto.

  2. Until sold or withdrawn, a Listing is deemed open.

  3. Prospective Buyers may ask for more information on any open listing using an appropriate form via CircleHood’s chat tool.

3.5.  Item Description and Attributes

  1. A Listing description should be accurate and complete and must not mislead other Users, in particular to the Item’s properties such as condition, size, gender, quality, origin, brand or manufacturer.

  2. A Listing description should comply with applicable provisions of law, in particular by containing information required by applicable consumer protection regulations.

  3. The description field in a Listing, its title and parameters may contain only information regarding the offered Item and may not include information about other items or solicit ‘off-platform’ business.

  4. A Seller shall indicate the method of delivery and the method of settlement:

  • Delivery (shipment)-only Items are to be paid for via CircleHood (using MANGOPAY) before they are shipped.

  • Collection-only Items are to be settled off-platform (the Buyer and Seller are to agree on date, time, location and payment method)

  • Where a Swap is indicated, Points will transfer from the Buyer to the Seller via CircleHood. 

  1. CircleHood uses its proprietary method for sorting Listings to adjust the order of their placement to the preferences of Buyers. The following factors are taken into account when sorting listed Items:

  • Listing information such as the number of displays of a Listing in different time intervals; interest levels in a specific Listing; Users who have marked (or unmarked) a given Listing as favourite; delivery method(s); Listing attributes, mode of conclusion of the sale agreement (e.g. Buy it Now) and Listing date. 

  • Seller information, including positive and negative ratings; average rating of compliance with an Item description; timely completion of parcel tracking numbers; time of response to messages from other Users; number of violations of this User Agreement.

3.6.  Prohibited Items

  1. Sellers may not list, as part of any Transaction, Items that

  • Violate applicable provisions of law or rights of third parties (in particular copyrights and other intellectual property rights) or that may be considered as violating good practice.

  • Any items listed as prohibited in Appendix 2 hereto.

  1. Seller may not offer items referred to in sections 3.6.a together with other items as “free gifts”.

3.7.  Changes to Listings

  1. Upon posting a Listing, a Seller is bound by its description.

  2. A Seller may only introduce changes in a Listing if not doing so may lead to a post-sale dispute.

  3. A Seller may not modify a Listing after concluding a sale.

3.8.  Item’s Price

  1. Under no circumstances price gouging is allowed.

  2. An Item price should be determined in accordance with the generally applicable provisions of law.

  3. Apart from an Item price, a Seller may charge a Buyer only for the shipping costs as specified in a Listing and only in the actual amount.

3.9.  Copyright

  1. Upon posting a Listing and its publication on CircleHood, any content being the subject of copyright law, in particular such as signs, logos, images, descriptions or photos (Content), a User allows CHTL to use this Content free of charge, non exclusively and without time and territory constraints.

  2. The User consent covers preparation of the content by CHTL, their use in the scope in which CHTL is authorised to use the content and giving further consent into the extent of the agreement with CHTL.

  1. A User gives their consent to exercise their personal copyright to the content by CHTL and declares that they will not exercise these personal copyrights against CHTL or against entities given by CHTL further consent to use the content (e.g. uploading an Item to the CHTL Instagram feed).

  2. A User warrants that they are authorised to make the aforementioned declaration, to give consent included in the User Agreement and to incorporate the Content. They also warrant that the content and its use by CHTL in accordance to the User Agreement do not infringe any third-party rights. A User shall release CHTL and entities given by CHTL further consent to use the content from any liability arising from the use of the content in accordance with the User Agreement.

3.10. Accepting Payments

  1. A Seller is obligated to accept a Buyer’s payment for transactions concluded on CircleHood using any payment or settlement service available on CircleHood as long as this form of settlement is in accordance to the means of settlement specified in the Listing itself.

  2. Depending on a Buyer’s choice of payment method, the payment shall be processed under the conditions set forth in either Appendix 5 (Swap Points Guidelines) or Appendix 8 (MANGOPAY).

  3. Where an Item is sold as ‘Pay on Collection’, the Seller and the Buyer are to agree the form of settling the transaction (e.g., cash, bank transfer etc.).

§ 4.   Transactions

4.1.  Adding an Item to the Cart

  1. Only Items listed with shipment or ‘pay on collection’ may be added to the Cart.

  2. Adding an Item to the cart means accepting the terms and conditions associated with the Listing, including Item description.

  3. Adding an Item to the cart does not constitute an offer to buy or a commitment to proceed with the purchase.

  4. Adding an Item to the cart does not conclude the transaction, meaning that other Users can still purchase it.

4.4.  The Lifecycle of a Listing

  1. A listing’s status may change as follows:

  • Open – upon a Seller posting a complete Listing on CircleHood.

  • Reserved – where a Seller and a Buyer agreed to transact off platform (‘Pay on Collection’ Listing only).

  • Closed – either withdrawn or completed transaction.

4.5.  Closing a Listing

  1. A Seller may close their Listing at any time before a sale agreement concludes.

  2. A Listing will be automatically closed where a sale agreement is concluded by a successful payment.

  3. A Listing may be closed by the seller after collection and off-platform settlement.

4.6.  Payments

  1. Where the delivery option is available and selected, payments will be handled within CircleHood using MANGOPAY.

  2. Where ‘Pay on Collection’ is the transaction mode, in connection with the concluded agreement, the Buyer should collect and pay for the Item within seven days, unless the parties agree otherwise.

4.7.  Cancellations

  1. A Buyer can only terminate the contract with the Seller where they are permitted to do so by law.

  2. A Seller can only terminate the contract with the Buyer where they are permitted to do so by law.

  3. CHTL may facilitate a Discussion between Buyers and Sellers but shall not get involved in transactions unless asked to do so.

4.8.  Crediting Funds to Seller’s Bank Account

  1. Any funds gained from sales on CircleHood will be kept on a CircleHood balanced via a MANGOPAY e-Wallet.

  2. CHTL will initiate a transfer of funds from a Seller’s MANGOPAY account to a Seller’s bank account once a quarter on the following withdrawal dates: 31 March; 30 June; 30 September; 31 December.

  3. Any transactions that took place less than 30 days before a withdrawal date will be included in the next withdrawal date.  For example, if a Seller transacts on the 25-Feb and on 20-Mar, the transaction dated 25-Feb will be included in the transfer made on 31-Mar but the transaction dated 20-Mar will be included in transfer made on 30-June. This is to ensure that if there are Disputes, CHTL can enforce a transaction reversal if necessary.

4.9.  Purchase Confirmation

  1. A confirmation email of Buyer and Seller entering into an agreement shall be sent automatically by e-mail from CircleHood.

  2. The confirmation email is intended for information purposes only, and the parties to an agreement shall receive the data currently appearing in their Account settings, i.e. full name, e-mail address and address.

  3. If an Item is sold with shipping, the Seller must communicate shipping details, including carrier’s name and tracking number (if one exists), to the Buyer via CircleHood’s chat facility. If an Item is sold on ‘Collection Only’ basis, a confirmation will only be sent after collection and settlement have been confirmed by the Seller.

  4. All purchase confirmations will be timestamped.

4.10.        Impact of Technical Failures

  1. Appendix 3 hereto sets forth an action plan for scheduled technical breaks and technical failures, in particular their impact on Listings and Transactions.

4.11.        CHTL and Transactions

  1. CHTL is not a party to any sale agreement made between Users.

  2. CHTL does not ensure that Sellers and Buyers are authorised to enter into and perform such agreements.

§ 5.   Violations

5.1.  Repeated and Material Violations

  1. In case of repeated or material violations of the User Agreement, understood as:

  1. Failure to pay amounts due to CHTL within the set time limit.

  2. Taking actions to avoid the payment of fees or commissions billed by CHTL.

  3. Provision by the User of incomplete or false contact details (e.g. name, address) in their Account settings.

  4. Any prohibited account usage listed as per Section 2.3 of this User Agreement.

  5. Infringing the rules on Listings set forth in Appendix 1 (Listing Policies) and Appendix 2 (Prohibited Items) to this User Agreement.

  6. Sending spam messages to other Users.

  7. Decrease of the overall quality of service below three-star rating.

  8. Infringing the rules on the feedback system set forth in Section 9 of this User Agreement.

  9. Making purchases for purposes other than concluding a Transaction.

§ 6.   Fees and Commissions

6.1.  Free App, ‘Paid-for’ Services

  1. Services provided on CircleHood by CHTL shall be paid services.

  2. A Seller shall be charged all fees and commissions on a per-transaction basis.

  3. The settlement period between CHTL and a Seller shall be once a quarter as per Section 4.8.

  4. Sale proceeds minus fees and commissions will be transferred to the seller’s bank account on settlement periods.

6.2.  Implications of Trying or Avoiding Fees

  1. Any User’s actions aiming at or resulting in avoiding the payment of fees or commissions billed by CHTL are prohibited.

  2. Such actions may result in the User being blocked and legal action may follow.

6.3.  Invoices

  1. Users may request to be issued invoices. Such requests need to be submitted to billing@circlehood.co.uk

  2. Requests will be processed within 30 days and may incur a fee.

6.4.  Fees, Commissions and Swap Points

  1. Amounts of fees and commissions for respective services, terms of collecting and billing them, terms of issuing and using Swap Points and associated calculations are available in Appendix 4 and Appendix 5 hereto.

§ 7.   Other Users’ Obligations

7.1.  Good Practice

  1. All actions of Users on CircleHood should comply with good practice and the applicable provisions of law, including consumer protection laws.

  2. A User may not take any actions that adversely affect the security of CircleHood or that are detrimental to other Users.

  3. A Seller must respond to a Buyer’s message within 24 hours of its receipt, provided that this deadline does not fall on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.

7.2.  Discussions and Disputes

  1. A User must explain the correctness of the performance of an agreement concluded between a Buyer and Seller.

  2. A Seller must give their response and present exhaustive explanations in a Discussion within 24 hours from any allegation of any misconduct by a Buyer, with Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays being excluded from such response time.

7.3.  Seller’s Rating

  1. CircleHood aims to establish a self-governed marketplace asking Buyers to provide feedback on a per-transaction basis.

  2. A Seller shall maintain the quality of sales at least at the 3-star level.

7.4.  Comply with Copyright Laws

  1. Any materials, including graphical elements, layout and composition thereof, trademarks and other information available on CircleHood, are subject to the rights of CHTL or its Users. These elements are subject to author’s property rights and industrial property rights, including rights from the registration of trademarks and rights to databases and, as such, are subject to statutory legal protection.

7.5.  Prohibited Usage

  1. third-party use of elements to which CHTL holds rights, including characteristic graphical elements, in particular such as logos, photos, descriptions or other types of indications;

  2. Aggregating and processing data and any other information available on CircleHood for the purpose of sharing them further on other websites or outside the internet;

  3. Using the CircleHood designation or similar designations in the Account login if this can mislead other Users about the entity using the given Account or its affiliation with CHTL

§ 8.   The Role of CHTL

8.1.  CHTL and Transactions

  1. CHTL provides a mechanism to link Buyers and Sellers.

  2. CHTL may trigger an Account review regardless of sales volume.

8.2.  User Registration

  1. A User cannot register without acknowledging that they have read and accepted CHTL’s Terms and Conditions.

  2. User verification shall be limited to account activation via the e-mail used for registration purposes.

8.3.  Powers

  1. Regardless of circumstances, CHTL cannot alter any agreements concluded between Users and these shall remain valid.

  2. If a Listing is in breach of the User Agreement or any applicable laws and regulations, but not yet concluded, CHTL may:

  • Change the category indicated by the Seller, in which the Listing is posted;

  • Close the Listing before its deadline or delete a Listing with the ‘Buy It Now’ option

8.4.  Handling Breach(es) of Terms and Conditions

  1. If a User’s actions in general or a Seller’s rating are in breach of the User Agreement, CHTL may:

  • Caution the User by e-mail on first breach.

  • Warn the User by e-mail on second breach.

  • Suspend the Account, restrict the User’s access to particular services within CircleHood on or after a third breach.

  1. CHTL shall notify a User about the suspension of an Account or restriction of access to specific services via e-mail, indicating the reasons for the action. A User may appeal against any such decision by CHTL in accordance with the provisions of Section 14.f of the User Agreement.

  2. In the case of failure to respond and present an exhaustive explanation concerning the correctness of the performance of a contract concluded between a Buyer and Seller as part of a Discussion within the time limit specified in Section 9.6.c of the User Agreement, CHTL may make the use of CircleHood conditional upon a User’s confirmation of their due performance of the contract concluded as a result of the Transaction.

8.5.  Handling Suspended or Blocked Accounts

  1. CHTL will make unavailable any open Listings posted in an Account that has been suspended or blocked.

8.6.  Consent to New Account

  1. A User whose Account has been blocked, suspended or its functionality restricted as per Section 8.4, may neither register a new Account nor use another Account without CHTL’s prior consent.

8.7.  Withholding Payments

  1. MANGOPAY, acting on the order and basis of the information provided by CHTL, are entitled to temporarily withhold the disbursement of a Seller’s funds in cases and on conditions provided for in detail in Appendix 8 hereto.

8.8.  Data Collection and Retention

  1. CHTL shall collect and retain all data needed to ensure it can provide its services and obligations to its Users.

  2. CHTL data collection and retention follows all GDPR guidelines. For full details see Appendix 7 hereto.

§ 9.   User Feedback System

9.1.  Feedback is Specific

  1. Feedback shall always be assigned to a particular Account and a specific Transaction.

  2. A User shall be liable for the content of their feedback and replies.

  3. It is not possible to leave feedback for a suspended/blocked account.

9.2.  Leaving Feedback

  1. In CircleHood, Users may use a descriptive and graphical feedback system to exchange subjective opinions on the course of Transactions and performance of agreements.

  2. In descriptive feedback, a User may recommend or not recommend purchase.

  3. In graphical feedback for the sale, a Buyer may give 1 to 5 stars to assess the agreement performance by the Seller in terms of the following parameters: consistency with Item description, shipping and associated costs and overall service.

  4. If Users have concluded an agreement, the Buyer, within 30 days from the date of concluding the agreement, may leave feedback for the Seller.

  5. All feedback is public to all Visitors and Users of CircleHood

9.3.   Responding to Feedback

  1. A Seller who receives a “not recommended” feedback may respond to it once.

  2. Feedback and replies should be consistent with the actual course of Transactions and may not contain:

  • Vulgarisms, content that is obscene or pornographic, or inciting to hatred, racism, xenophobia;

  • Users’ contact details or usernames;

  • Website addresses or content of an advertising nature.

9.4.  Prohibited Actions

  1. A User may not participate in any Transaction solely for the purpose of leaving feedback (e.g. to artificially increase or decrease a Seller’s credibility).

  2. A User’s review (description/opinion) may not violate applicable provisions of law, including third-party rights; in particular, it may not be defamatory, violate personal rights or constitute an act of unfair competition.

  3. A User may not post any messages that constitute spam, include content that violates this User Agreement or otherwise pose a risk to the safety of other Users.

9.5.  The Role of CHTL

  1. CHTL shall not interfere with the content of feedback, replies or comments on transactions and threads in its social module.

  2. CHTL does however reserve the right to delete or block feedback or comments from being posted in justified cases when:

  • They are in breach of the provisions of the User Agreement, in particular of Sections 9.4 or 9.5.

  • They have been posted for a User or Transaction by mistake (if evident from the content that a mistake was made).

  • The feedback follows a subsequent purchase of the same Item from the same Seller.

  • The content of feedback explicitly indicates that a mistake has been made as to its type.

  • The content of feedback contains characters that prevents CHTL’s systems present it.

  • The contents of feedback include website addresses or content of an advertising nature.

  • The content of the feedback violates applicable provisions of law, good practice or offends religious feelings.

  • The content of the feedback infringes patent rights, copyrights, business secrets or other intellectual property rights, or personal data protection rights.

9.6.  Deletion of Feedback

  1. Only CHTL can delete feedback.

  2. Deleting feedback for a transaction is conditioned on the Parties to a concluded agreement agreeing on the deletion of feedback.

  3. Feedback shall be deleted by CHTL upon the satisfaction of all the following conditions jointly:

  • A deletion request must be submitted by the Seller within 21 days from the date of receiving feedback;

  • The Buyer must agree to comply with such a request not later than within 14 days following its receipt;

  • Both parties have to include disputes@circlehood.co.uk in all post-transaction discussions.

  • Both parties have to use the email which they used when registering on CircleHood.

9.7.  User Consent

  1. By posting a review, a User consents to its use free of charge by CHTL and to its modification within the aforementioned scope.

III. Final Provisions

§ 10.   Other Services

  1. CHTL may provide Users with other services to complement the main activities of CircleHood.

  2. CHTL via CircleHood may provide Users with information about services and service offers of third-party suppliers aimed at improving the overall User experience by addressing additional User needs.

§ 11.   Privacy and Confidentiality

  1. Personal data provided by Users in CircleHood shall be processed by CHTL pursuant to the applicable provisions of law and the Privacy Policy set forth in Appendix 7 hereto.

  2. Users’ personal data may be disclosed to other Users only in the cases set forth herein for purposes related to the Transactions and in other cases with prior consent of the subject.

  3. A User shall not disclose to third parties any information related to other Users received from CHTL and in connection with the use of CircleHood, unless the User has obtained prior consent of the User who is the subject. In particular, the use of such information for commercial purposes, in particular to promote in any form the activities of any User carried out outside CircleHood, shall be prohibited. In particular, the following shall be prohibited:

  • Making proposals to buy or sell an Item outside CircleHood (not applicable to Listings referred to in Article 3.3).

  • Adding to a shipped Item or providing in any other form any content with information about commercial activities carried out outside CircleHood (e.g. leaflets advertising an online store).

  • Opening accounts for Users in online stores.

  1. Live or closed Listings may be published by CHTL in its other commercial channels (e.g. Instagram) as long as User personal information is not disclosed.

§ 12.   Amendments to the User Agreement

  1. CHTL may amend the User Agreement and any amendments will come into force immediately.

  2. CHTL will notify the Users of any changes to the User Agreement via email and by in-app push notification.

  3. Irrespective of reading the amendments to the User Agreement, transacting through CircleHood after a notification was sent to the User constitutes the User’s acceptance of all amendments made.

  4. Should a User reject any updates to the User Agreement they should notify CHTL in writing as described in Section 2.2.d.

§ 13.   Termination of Agreement with CHTL

  1. The provision of services on CircleHood shall be unlimited in time, subject to the provisions listed here.

  2. As per Section 2.2.f, A User may, at any time, request to terminate their agreement with CHTL, by completing this form and sending it CHTL to support@circlehood.co.uk. Note that this action cannot be reversed.

  3. In the event when a User is persistently in breach of the User Agreement, CHTL may terminate the agreement.

  4. If an agreement has been terminated by the decision of CHTL, a User may not register any Account on CircleHood again without the prior consent of CHTL.

  5. Once the account is closed, a User will not be able to Login again using their existing credentials.

  6. Regardless of the reason for termination, User data will be retained by CHTL in accordance with CHTL’s Privacy Policy as per Appendix 7 hereto.

  7. Account deletion may only take place after:

  • All open listings have been closed.

  • All reserved items have reached their destination and associated sale agreements have concluded.

  • All funds in the User’s e-Wallet have been transferred to the User’s bank account.

  • Any investigations into violations have concluded without any further actions needed.

  • Any disputes have been resolved

§ 14.   Contact Details and Complaints Procedures

  1. CHTL may contact a User:

  • In writing to the correspondence address provided by the User.

  • In an electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the User.

  1. A User may contact CHTL in relation to the services provided electronically hereunder:

  1. If, in a User’s opinion, services to be provided under the User Agreement are not rendered by CHTL or are not rendered in accordance with the User Agreement, the User may present their reservations in the manner specified below (Complaint):

  • A Complaint may be lodged in electronic form using the contact form or in written form. 

  • A Complaint shall contain at least the name under which the User acts on CircleHood (username), a description of their reservations and a proposed method for handling the Complaint.

  1. CHTL shall handle a Complaint within 21 days from the date of its receipt. When a Complaint does not contain the information necessary to handle it, CHTL shall ask the User making the Complaint to supplement the required information, and then the period of 21 days shall run from the date of submitting the additional information.

  2. A reply to a Complaint shall be sent only to either the e-mail address assigned to a given User’s Account or in writing to the address provided in the Complaint.

  3. A User may appeal against a decision taken by CHTL concerning a Complaint (Appeal). The provisions of Sections 14.c, 14.d and 14.c shall apply accordingly.

§ 15.   Governing Law and Disputes

  1. An agreement between a User and CHTL, relating to services provided on CircleHood, shall be governed by English law under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

  2. Any disputes connected with the services provided on CircleHood shall be resolved by the courts of England and Wales.

  3. A User, may initiate out-of-court proceedings to solve a complaint by directly writing to complaints@circlehood.co.uk as a first port of call. Alternatively, a User may follow the guidelines publicly available on the Citizens Advice website.

§ 16.   Liability

  1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits or excludes our liability to you for:

  • Death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

  • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

  • Any other type of liability which cannot by law be excluded or limited.

  1. We make no warranties or representations, whether express or implied that CircleHood and any content on it is accurate, complete, free of error or omission, up-to-date or suitable for any purpose or

  2. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply to CircleHood, any content or the Services on it.

  3. We provide an online facility to introduce individuals to one another to enable the purchase, sale, exchange and give-away of items between them and to allow them to communicate with one another in public and in private. Buyers, sellers and parties to an exchange or give-away are solely responsible for transactions entered into using CircleHood.

  4. We are not responsible for any action or inaction of Users of the CircleHood, or content provided by Users of CircleHood including, without limitation:

  • Accuracy or completeness of a Listing.

  • The quality, legality or safety of the items.

  • The Seller title to the items.

  • Any User’s right to enter into a transaction agreement (e.g. Sale, Swap etc.).

  1. You agree to indemnify us for any loss, liability, cost or expense for any third-party claim arising from or connected to your misuse of the Site or Services or any use which is in breach of these Terms.

  2. In respect of any dispute you may have with another User of CircleHood, you agree to:

  • Waive any claim you may have against CHTL in connection with such dispute.

  • Indemnify us for any loss or liability we incur as a result of any claim made against us by such user or any other third-party as a result of such dispute.

  1. Subject to Section 16.a, we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a virus, distributed denial-of-service attack, or other technologically harmful material that may infect your smart phone, computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of CircleHood, or to your downloading of any content on it, or on any website linked to it.

  2. We are not responsible for any third-party service providers that you integrate into your account including MANGOPAY. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

  3. Subject to Section 16.a, CHTL, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies accept no liability to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for:

  • Any loss or interruption of business including revenue, sales, profits, sales or revenue.

  • Any loss of anticipated savings, business opportunities, goodwill or reputation

  • Any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages

  • Any other damages of whatsoever kind resulting from whatever cause through your use of CircleHood. 

  • Subject to Section 16.a, we limit our liability under this User Agreement, whether such liability arises in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence) or otherwise, to a maximum of the purchase price paid for the relevant Item in respect of any claim arising in relation to a transaction on CircleHood and £10 in respect of any other claim.

§ 17.   Appendices

  1. The following appendices are an integral part of this User Agreement:

  • Appendix 1 – Listing Policies

  • Appendix 2 – Prohibited and restricted Items

  • Appendix 3 – Policy on Technical Failures and Compensation

  • Appendix 4 – Fees and Commissions

  • Appendix 5 – Swap Guidelines

  • Appendix 6 – CircleHood Community

  • Appendix 7 – Privacy Policy

  • Appendix 8 – MANGOPAY

  1. Any documents other than the appendices listed above shall not constitute the integral part of this User Agreement.

§ 18.   Trademarks

  1. CircleHoodTM is a registered EU trademark of CHTL.

  2. Any other trademark displayed on the Site is not owned by CHTL. Any use of such trademarks may be an infringement of the rights of the owner in those trademarks.

§ 19.   Other Notes Regarding this User Agreement

  1. The English language shall be the original language of the User Agreement, the website and all communication by CHTL with Users.

§ 20.   Validity

  1. If any provision hereof is held invalid by a final and absolute court judgement, the remaining ones shall stay in full force and effect.

§ 21.   Appendix 1 – Listing Policies

CircleHood is a platform to buy, sell and swap used kids’ items or used items for mums including clothes, footwear, accessories, toys, books, furniture and childcare equipment. To ensure buyers have a great experience when they transact on CircleHood, CHTL put in place some rules for listing items on CircleHood. 

  1. CHTL reserves the right to determine which items are and are not allowed to be listed on CircleHood. CHTL continuously reviews all items listed on CircleHood and has the right to remove a listing that either pose a risk to our members’ kids or violates our policies as per Section 8.3.b. If we remove your Listing, we will send you an email explaining why we have removed your Listing. Some common reasons we remove Listings include:

  • The item is prohibited or restricted as per Appendix 2 hereto.

  • The item is known to have Health and Safety issues.

  • The listing infringes copyrights.

  1. Each Item must be listed separately under their corresponding category. 

  2. If listing a bundle, this must be stated in the title and description and the price has to be for all items within the bundle (i.e. a Seller cannot price the items separately when listing a bundle).

  3. A Seller is not permitted to list items that they do not own.

  4. A Seller must not list an item and state “out of Stock”, “check again later” or similar.

  5. CircleHood does not support bidding so the price you set on a listing is the price you will be obliged to sell at.

  6. Items’ photos:

  • You can upload up to 5 photos to showcase your item and you can choose one as the listing photo.

  • CircleHood will remove the background from your photos to give your listing a “catalogue feel”.

  • Photos have to be of the item you wish to sell and not a replica, stock image or taken from a product catalogue.

  • Photos have to be taken by you.

  • Photos have to be sharp and clear.

§ 22.   Appendix 2 – Prohibited Items

You cannot sell the following items on CircleHood:

  1. Any items that are prohibited by law including:

  • Counterfeit items and stolen property.

  • Sample or promotional items.

  • Medications, vitamins and food supplements.

  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia.

  • Food and drinks including baby food, baby formulas and similar products.

  • Nazi, fascist uniform and accessories.

  • Embargoed goods and items from prohibited countries.

  1. Any items that do not comply with basic hygiene standards or items that pose a health risk including:

  • Used worn underwear of any sort.

  • Any used makeup equipment including sponges and brushes.

  • All used cosmetics products (e.g., perfumes, hair care product, makeup, lotions and similar) unless they are sealed in their original packaging.

  • Homemade cosmetic products such as soaps.

  • Contact lenses, razors and sanitary products.

  • Used piercing jewellery.

  1. Any items that do not relate to our core target market (mums and children) or items that are not aligned to our vision:

  • Animal and fur products excluding sheared sheep wool.

  • Items that contain ivory, shells or reptile skins.

  • Sexually explicit items such as sex toys.

  • Adult books and magazines.

  • Accessories and clothes for animals.

  • Tickets for events, catalogues, gift cards and coupons.

  1. Other items including:

  • Any items intended for sale on commercial terms.

  • Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials.

  • Pesticides, weeds, plants and seeds.

  • Holidays, airline and cruise tickets.

  • Financial products and FX.

  • Surveillance equipment.

  • Cars and motorcycles.

  • Recalled items.

  • Digital goods.

  • Mailing lists.

  • Services.

  • Alcohol.

§ 23.   Appendix 3 – Policies on Technical Failures and Associated Compensation 

  1. From time to time, CHTL will perform server maintenance to develop, enhance and maintain CircleHood.

  2. Where possible, CHTL shall alert users to such break and make these breaks during low usage hours such as night-time.

  3. Should a time limit be implemented on any Listing, any Listing scheduled to expire during a maintenance period will be extended by 24 hours.

  4. CHTL shall aim to restore services as soon as possible should a technical failure occur during or post server maintenance or following a release of a new version of CircleHood.

  5. CHTL shall not be in breach of these Terms and Conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any obligations under these Terms and Conditions agreement if such delay or failure resulting from these events occur.

  6. Should a technical failure cause a financial loss to a User, CHTL shall take a decision on any compensation and reimbursement on a case by case basis taking into account the type of the error and the scale of its consequences.

  7. Information regarding any technical issues shall be posted in www.circlehood.co.uk/help/platform.

§ 24.   Appendix 4 – Fees, Commissions and Other Costs

  1. CHTL charges various fees and commissions for services provided to Users of CircleHood.

  2. CHTL shall always disclose these fees and commissions in this User Agreement. Where it is not possible to provide an exact fee but a range, the exact fee will be displayed to the User either prior to listing an item or prior to checkout.

  3. CHTL charges the following fees and commissions from Users on CircleHood:

  • Fee for listing an item when an item is sold comprising of 10% of total sale price (incl. shipment) + 10p.

  • Fee for purchasing Swap Points at a rate of £1 = 1 Swap Points

  • Fee for additional services as they are introduced over time.

  1. CHTL reserves the right to introduce fees on services currently provided for free but a User will always have the option to decline such service.

  2. All fees shall be inclusive of UK VAT (sales tax) at the going rate as set by the UK government.

  3. Sellers may sell an item with or without shipment. Should a seller sell an item with shipment, they will provide the shipping cost in the listing itself.

  4. Where an item is sold with shipment, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to insure the item.

  5. Money in your so-called e-wallet can be paid out to any bank account in UK free of charge on a quarterly basis as per Section 4.8. Off-cycle pay out may incur additional charges and CHTL will inform you of this charge prior to the withdrawal.

§ 25.   Appendix 5 – Swap Guidelines

  1. CHTL has implemented SwapPoints (SP) to facilitate a User ability to quickly get hold of and dispose of items.

  2. SP are not a currency, they are simply a medium of transfer and might be more cost effective to use. A Seller might sell an item for £5 but be willing to dispose of it in return for 3SP.

  3. You cannot convert SP to any currency.

§ 26.   Appendix 6 – CircleHood Community

26.1.        Your Community

  1. In the digital era, CircleHood to provide a sense of community aiming to blur the traditional lines between offline and online while recognising that a community does not have to be defined by proximity. To that end, CircleHood enables Users to support both aspects of a community: by interests and by events in a given area.

  2. As in all communities, CHTL aims to adopt the principal of Policing by Consent, meaning, CHTL expects all Users to follow some simple guidelines for the overall benefit of the Users’ community.

  3. Any User found in breach of these guidelines will be subject to a caution, warning and if necessary, a suspension of their User Account as described in Section 8.4 of this User Agreement. Furthermore, a legal action might be taken against them.

26.2.        Guidelines

  1. You may ‘like’, comment on or share any post but please do not duplicate posts.

  2. When commenting, avoid any special characters such as *&^%$@! to ensure that your post is not mistakenly identified as profanity by our algorithms.

  3. Do not disclose any personal information (either yours or others) as any User (registered or otherwise) can read these posts.

  4. Do not impersonate someone else.

  5. Please remember that any information posted is not verified by us or by independent specialists (e.g. doctors or lawyers) and any advice given must be taken with caution and should be verified by a licenced professional before you follow it.

  6. Prohibited posts:

  7. Pornography and sexually explicit material.

  8. Encouraging or inciting violence against individuals or groups.

  9. Any extremist and racist material such as symbols and insignia.

  10. Bullying of any sort including anything that might be perceived as bullying.

  11. Profanity, slander, defamation and libel.

  12. Posts containing personal information (either yours or others)

  13. Posts where you are impersonating someone else.

  14. Posts promoting prohibited or restricted items (e.g. drugs and medications)

  15. Posts infringing Intellectual Property rights.

  16. Posts promoting unhealthy behaviour such as extreme diets or suicide.

  17. Posts which may constitute a violation of local or international law.

26.3.        We Work Together with You

  1. If you notice any inappropriate content, whether it is listed above or not, please alert us to it (but only once please).

  2. Whether you alerted us to inappropriate content or whether the CHTL team identified it, CHTL promise to all our Users is that we will take action against those who posted it.

§ 27.   Appendix 7 – Privacy Policy

27.1.        We are Guided by GDPR

  1. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the European Union on 25-May-2018.

  2. All data will be collected, stored and processed by CHTL in accordance with the European Union GDPR No. 2016/679.

  3. Under GDPR, all activities involving the processing of personal information are undertaken under one or more of 6 legal grounds for processing as described in GDPR, Chapter 2, Article 6(1). By registering and using CircleHood you agree to CHTL storing and using all data you provide us with for the purpose of running the business of CircleHood including and not limited to sharing anonymised content such as events and Listings on other Social Media (e.g. Instagram) belonging to CHTL.

  4. Pursuant to GDPR Chapter 5, CHTL will not sell, lease or share your data unless it is required by law to do so or where you have explicitly agreed to such actions.

  5. The services offered by CHTL, including but not limited to personalised content, via CircleHood can only function if CHTL collects, stores, transfers, deletes and/or otherwise uses and processes specific data relating to CircleHood’s Users. Therefore, pursuant to GDPR Chapter 2, Article 7 and GDPR Chapter 2, Articles 6(1)(b) and 6(1)(f), CHTL is entitled to collect and process personal information. In addition, and in line with GDPR Chapter 2, Article 7, all Users have the ability to withdraw their consent by following the procedure described in Section 13 of this User Agreement. Furthermore, with regard to other services (e.g. newsletters) Users will always be asked to opt-in and will always be able to unsubscribe to such services with ease.

  6. Certain services on our Platform are offered by third-party suppliers. When you use these services, the data protection regulations of these suppliers will then apply in addition to this data protection statement. Prior to your use of such services, the respective suppliers may require you to provide an additional permission to store and use your data under data protection law. Users will not be able to use such service providers through CircleHood unless they register as Users both on CircleHood and, if necessary, on the supplier platform.

  7. With regard to data retention, guided by GDPR, Chapter 2, Article 5, CHTL will not keep any data it collects for a period longer that is needed.

  8. With regard to the rights of the data subject (i.e. a User), guided by GDPR, Chapter 3, CHTL will ensure Users retain their rights to their data namely: be informed on what is collected and why, have access to their data, be entitled to ask for their data to be corrected, ensure that their data gets deleted where possible by law, restrict and stop the usage of their data.

27.2.        Why CHTL collects data?

  1. CHTL will collect and process certain data elements to provide services available in CircleHood enabling the usage of this User Agreement. Specifically:

  • For identify verification and personal information protection.

  • For listing, buying and selling items.

  • For facilitation of communication between Buyers and Sellers.

  • For facilitating electronic payments between CHTL, Buyers and Seller.

  • For sending messages relating to services, current and past transactions.

  • To help you locate items and events near you, boost local trade and sense of community.

  • To comply with local tax laws and the general safety of our Users.

  • To help mitigate fraud and any unlawful activity, help resolve any disputes and technical issues aiming for a fault-free and secure platform where CHTL’s Terms and Conditions could be enforced.

  • To increase trust between CircleHood Users by constructing “trust score” which will be reflected in User’s Ratings, accounting for transactions (both as a Buyer and a Seller), fair pricing, accuracy of listings, response time to other Users.

27.3.        What data does CHTL collect?

  1. When using CircleHood, CHTL process the following data (logfiles), whether a User is logged in or not to CircleHood as a registered member (verify with itCraft):

  • The IP address of your device.

  • The browser used by your device.

  • The content and URLs you connect to.

  • The date and time of your connection.

  • The model and manufacturer of your mobile device.

  • The operating system used by your mobile device (iOS, Android).

  1. When registering with CircleHood all Users have to confirm that they are at least 18 years’ old.

  2. All registered Users are required to set a password to their account. The password will be encrypted and then stored and CHTL will not able to read/decrypt it. Should a User forget or wish to reset their password, they must use the facility provided within CircleHood. As a reminder, password and account information are personal and must not be shared. It is also highly recommended to logout of CircleHood when not using it. Users are also reminded that transfer of data via the Internet is not always totally secure (e.g. when using public WiFi) and could be accessed by 3rd-parties.

  3. If a User registers via their Facebook account, they will be transferred from CircleHood to Facebook and asked to enter their Facebook login details. While CircleHood could access all public information available on Facebook, CHTL will only use and store the following:

  • Profile photo

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Email address

  1. If a User registers with email only (i.e. not Facebook), CHTL will only ask for:

  • Member username (mandatory and will be publicly displayed on your CircleHood profile).

  • Email address (mandatory).

  • Password (mandatory).

  • Post code (optional).

  • About you (optional).

  1. Post registration you may provide additional information via CircleHood’s settings function:

  • Profile photo (will be publicly displayed on your CircleHood profile). 

  • First name and surname (optional)

  • Gender (optional)

  • Date of birth (optional; month and year only)

  • Address (only used for shipping; you can arrange for a different location for collection)

  • About you (optional)

  • Information about your kids (optional)

  1. When setting up the MANGOPAY e-Wallet (required for processing credit card, debit card and PayPal payments), CHTL will require the following:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Invoice address

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  1. Payment via MANGOPAY

  • If you use the MANGOPAY electronic payment system, MANGOPAY will collect the payment information required according to the payment method selected (e.g. credit card, PayPal). Payment will then be implemented via MANGOPAY and the payment service provider you have selected (e.g. PayPal). To this extent, the data protection regulations of MANGOPAY and the relevant payment service provider will apply. If you use a credit card as your payment method, CHTL will see only the last four digits of your card number. This information will be used by us solely for the purpose of confirming payment and preventing fraud.

  1. Other data

  • Messages sent through CircleHood chat facility, comments posted on the Wall and post transaction reviews

  • Location data made available by your device and with your consent.

27.4.        Cookies

  1. CircleHood does not use cookies as it is an app.

  2. CHTL’s website, www.circlehood.co.uk, does not use cookies, however, our website hosting provider may use their own cookies (third-partycookies). Users and site visitors are free to accept or reject these cookies.

27.5.        Data Retention

  1. Unless stated otherwise on this data protection statement or provided for by statute, CHTL will save:

  • All personal data not needed for the enforcement of this User Agreement for 30 days from the date of its collection.

  • All personal data available on CircleHood in case of suspension following a violation of this User Agreement for a minimum of 2 years to ensure the security of our platform and our users pursuant to GDPR Chapter 2, Articles 6(1)(d and f).

  • All transactional data (sale agreements between a Buyer and a Seller) for a minimum of 6 years from the end of CHTL’s financial year as required by the UK tax law. This also protects CHTL’s rights and interests in case a chargeback dispute against CHTL or its Users pursuant to GDPR Chapter 2, Articles 6(1)(c to f).

  • All other personal Data specified in this policy for 3 months from the date of deletion of your User Account or for 3 months after 5 years of inactivity on your account or from the moment your account has been blocked/suspended in case you have violated this User Agreement. 

  • CHTL may remove any open and inactive listings if they have been inactive for 6 months or more.

  • CHTL may store personal data longer than any time period mentioned above to the extent that this data is necessary for compliance with local legal obligations, in particular statutory retention periods, and for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

27.6.        Securing User Data

  1. We use security measures, including physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of all User data. These measures include encryption, security certificates, access controls, information security technologies, policies, procedures and other information security measures to help protect your Information.

  2. Where possible, CHTL will anonymise information so that Users cannot be identified from it.

27.7.        User’s Data Rights

  1. Under GDPR, Chapter 3 provisions, Users have the right at any time:

  • To be informed of the data CHTL collects and processes and to demand a copy of it (right to be informed). 

  • To demand the correction of inaccurate data (right to rectification). 

  • To have access to and amend by themselves any data, except sent messages, forum posts, reviews and closed listings, in their CircleHood account (right to rectification). 

  • To request, subject to just cause, for their account to be deleted and associated data to be deleted (right to deletion).

  • To request restriction of the processing of their data, provided the statutory criteria are met (right to restriction of processing).

  • To be subject to decision-making not wholly reliant on automated processing, unless the statutory conditions for such automated decision-making are met (CircleHood does not currently operate automated decision-making).

  • To object the processing of data (right to object) except where the processing is based on a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested or legitimate interest pursuant to GDPR Chapter 2, Articles 6(1)(c to f).

  • To withdraw at any time any permission you have provided as part of registering or using CircleHood. Such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of data processing carried out prior to the withdrawal. Such withdrawal may require a User to request for their account to be deleted (right to erasure).

  • You can withdraw your permission for the sending of any CircleHood newsletters you have subscribed to by clicking "unsubscribe" at the end of the Marketing Email.

  1. To exercise any of the rights specified in this section, or if you have any queries regarding the processing of your data as part of your use of the CircleHood, please contact our data protection officer at dpo@circlehood.co.uk. Regardless of any other legal remedy, you also have the right at any time to submit a complaint to the supervisory authorities.

§ 28.   Appendix 8 – MANGOPAY

  1. MANGOPAY End User Terms and Conditions are available here.

  2. MANGOPAY Privacy Policy is available here.